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BORN: India.

Hamilton, New Zealand.
Solo show
2020-Topography of Genesis, Atelier Studio Gallery, Nelson, NZ.
2013-'Erased' Installation Art, Refinery Art Space, Nelson, NZ.
2009- 'De-mark' installation show, M S University Gallery, India.
2009- "Topography of Genesis" Paintings, Gallery on Blueskin Bay, Dunedin, Aotearoa, NZ.
2007 - "How I met my soul" Installation, Tamarind Art Gallery, New York.
2007 - Polyfarming-2007, Dunedin Reserve park, Dunedin, New Zealand.
2007 - "India-Africa to Aotearoa" Marks Series, Peter Rae Gallery, Partially supported by Otago Polytechnic Research Dept. Dunedin, New Zealand.
2006 – ‘We-Us-Our’, Installation Marks, Fringe Festival Participation, Westpac Fishbowl Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand.
2005 -‘Marks’ , Painting/Installation/performance show, Sponsored by Alliance Franciase De Eritrea, French Cultural Centre, The Gallery, Eritrea, N E Africa.
2003 - Paintings and Drawings, Eritrea, N.E.Africa.
2002 - 'Eggxhibition,' Meenaz Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India.
2002 - 'Eggxhibition,'Casa Degli Italia, Supported by Hon. Minister of Education, Eritrea, NE Africa.
1999 - 'Poly Farming', Environmental Art, Gundipet, Sponsored by Alliance Franciase De Hyderabad, French Cultural Center, India.
1999 - 'Looking from Within,' Installation, Supported by Alliance Franciase De Hyderabad, French Cultural Centre, India.
1996 -'My Mind's W- a-n -k , Installation, Curatorial Project, Dept. of Art History and Aesthetics, M.S.University, Baroda, India.
1995 - Installation, "The Cataleptic Break through," M.S.University, Baroda, India.

Group Exhibitions/Participation's
2021-Summer Catalogue Show, Atelier Studio Gallery, Nelson, NZ.
2020-Stations of the Cross, Atelier Studio Gallery, Nelson, NZ.
2017- 'Discord', Detour Art Gallery, Blenheim, NZ.
2013- Group Show, Wearable Art Museum, Nelson, NZ.
2010- AIR-show, Jokai Klub, Budapest, Hungary.
2009- ‘Art Works-mahi toi’, Temple Gallery, Dunedin, NZ.
2008- "Art of Theology", Salisbury Art Gallery, Dunedin, NZ.
2007 - "Maps-Metaphors and Mythology", Installation, Curated by Deepanjana Danda Klien, Tamarind Art Gallery, New York.
2006- ‘Pravas Bharathi Diwas Art Show’, NRI Artists Show, Govt. of India, Curated by Atiya Ahmjed, Art Critic, Shilparamam, Hyderabad, India.
2004- ‘Marks”, Painting/Installation, Daira , India.
2002- ‘International Photo Exhibition’, Italian Embassy, Eritrea, NE Africa.
2001 -’Stimulus’ Daira , India.
2000 -Affordable Art- India.
2000 -Mosaic- India.
2000 - Roop Rekha, Daira Gallery, Curated by Atiya Ahmjed, Art Critic, India.
1999 -Sketches and Maquettes , Alliance Franciase De Hyderabad and Goa, Curated by Atiya Ahmjed, Art Critic, India.
1999 -Contemporary Deccan, Curated by Surya Prakash, CCMB, India.
1998 -Objects in Art, Curated by Atiya Ahmjed, Art Critic, Holiday Inn Krishna, India.
1997 -Form and Space, Installation, Indian Centre for Culture and Research, Govt. of India.
1997- Sculpture Installation, All India Fine Arts Cultural Society, India.
1997 -Assemblage, "Homage to Martyrs," 50 years of Indian Independence Celebration, Selected Indian Artist show, Lakeeren, Mumbai, India.
1996 – ‘Altered Space’, Alliance Franciase De Hyderabad, French Cultural Centre, India.
1995 - Mixed Medium, Shristi Art Gallery, India.
1993 -Drawings, Paintings and Prints, Site Show, J.N.T.U Art Gallery, India.
1990 -Drawing and Painting, Sponsored by the College of Fine Arts, J N T University, Ashoka Gallery, India.


2016- 'Interface', Daira Art Gallery, Hyderabad. India.
2014- 'Kiwindian', CBD, Public Art, Blenheim, NZ. 
2012-'Devolution#5'-The Being, Blenheim to Auckland Public Art Gallery by Air New Zealand.
2011-'Devolution#4' STOP! THINK!, Millennium Art Gallery, Blenheim, New Zealand.
2009- 'Devolution#1' Live Art, M S University Campus, India.
2009- Painting Event, Integrating Live music and Painting, Otago Museum, Dunedin, NZ.
2009- "Thus I Spoke Silence" Blue Oyster Contemporary Art Space, Dunedin, NZ.
2009- Devolution#1- Re-Visiting "Primitivism”, public project, Dunedin City and talk at Blueoyster Contemporary Art Space, New Zealand.
2006 – ‘We-Us-Our’, Marks, Fringe Festival Participation, Westpac Fishbowl Gallery, Dunedin, NZ.
2005- ‘ ‘Marks’, Sponsored by French Cultural Centre, The Gallery, Eritrea.
2004- ‘Perfection”, Daira, India.
2003- ‘Improvisation-III’, Interpretation of Social Phenomena’, Sponsored by American and British Embassies Cultural Centre, Eritrea.
1999 –2001 - Interpretation of Social Phenomenon-Dilemma 2000+,' AF De Hyderabad, Baroda, India.
1995 - 'Thus I was Born,' first undocumented experimental performance, M .S. University, India.

2009- "Roots-Encountering Boundaries" - Asians Localising Aotearoa NewZealand, Otago University and Asia-NZ Foundation, Dunedin, NZ.
2008- Artist Symposium, Crystles Seed Trust, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ
2005- International Artist’s Camp, Massawa, Eritrea.
2000- ‘Sail we Do’, National Artists Camp, India.
1998 - 'Art Through the Ages', Seminar, India.
1998 - 'Objects in Art', Seminar Paper, Holiday Inn Krishna, India.
1998 - 'Another Kind of Art', Seminar Paper, P S T University, India.
1997 - 'Concept Art and Vivan's Installation', India.
1997 -Young Artist Painting Camp, Indian Art Critics Seminar, India.
1994 -Traditional Artist Camp, Tirupati, South Zone Cultural Centre, Govt. of India.
1992 -Graphics Workshop, International Artist Camp, French Cultural Centre, Hyderabad, India.
1992 -Young Artists Camp, S V College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad, India.

Sep-Dec 2007-Invited artist in Residence at The Henry Luce III Center for Arts and Religion, Washington, DC.
2007- Tamarind Art Museum, New York.
2009- M S University, Baroda, India.
Dec 2009- PFA, France.
Jan 2010-. Hungary Multicultural Art Centre, Budapest.

1994 -University Gold Medal in Painting, J N T University, India.
1994-96 - Merit Scholarship, P.S. T University, India.
1992-94 - Merit Scholarship, JNTU, India.

2019-2020- President, Marlborough Art Society, NZ. 
2017 - Jury, Marlborough Art Scociety, Bleneim, NZ.
2005- Honorable advisor, The Gallery, Eritrea.
2004- Honorary Jury, National Students Art Competition, British Council, Asmara.
2003/4- Honorary Jury, National Level Children Art Competitions, Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
2003-Honarary Jury, India-Ethiopia-Eritrean International children Art Competition.

Personal Narrative:Roots-encountering new boundaries from a visual artist's perception,Localizing Asia in Aotearoa, Edited by Paola Vociand Jaqueline Leckie, Dunmore Publishing, NewZealand. 2011

Lines that Float: Artist Exhibition Responses, SCOPE Contemporary Research Topics, Otago Polytechnic Dunedin, NZ, art : 2 Nov 2007.
Shifts in Medium: Trends, tendencies and breakthroughs, MARG, Publication, India, Oct 2002.
News magazines. Art Critic, Deccan Chronical news magazine, India. (1998 -2000).
Poem "SOUL", IMMORTAL VERSES Volume, The International Library of Poetry, USA, 2006.

Catalogues/essays:*Feb 1996 – ‘My Minds Wank’, Curatorial essay, India.
*June 1996 –‘Back in home Land’ Group Show Exhibition essay, Alliance
Francaise De Hyderabad, India.
*Feb 1997 – Anjani Reddy, Catalogue essay, India.
*Oct 1999 – Installation Art, Sudhir K Duppati, Exhibition essay, Alliance
Francaise De Hyderabad, India.
*Nov 1999 – ‘Interpretation of Social Phenomenon, Dilemma 2000+’,
Performance essay, India and Africa.
*May 2002 –‘ Eggxhibits’, Sudhir K Duppati, Exhibtion essay Catalogue, Casa
Degli Italia, Eritrea, Africa.
*Aug 1999 – ‘On Interpretation’ Curatorial essay for group show at Jehangir Art
Gallery, India.

News magazines:*Oct 1997 – ‘Understanding Installations’, AP Times Heritage Magazine, India.
*Nov 1997 – ‘Mediumistic Shifts’, AP Times Heritage Magazine, India.
Deccan Chronicle, Exhibition review, India:
*– ‘Transcending visions of an artist’. 15th Aug 1999.
*– ‘When Art speaks more than words’. 3rd Sep 1999.
*– ‘Stories told on a canvas’. 19th Sep 1999.
*– ‘Energy on Display’. 23rd Jan 2000.
*– ‘An Artist’s visual diary’. 19th March 2000.
*– ‘Deft masterly strokes in ply’. 16th April 2000.
*– ‘Art created from lines and strokes’. 7th May 2000.
*– ‘Artist duo ignore art revolution’. 25th June 2000.
*– ‘Hidden messages from behind the lens’. 2nd July 2000.
*– ‘Graphic Expressions’. 23rd July 2000.
*– ‘Defining spaces for communication’. 30th July 2000.
*– ‘Decades of silence in water colours’. 6th Aug 2000.
*– ‘Futile Exercises in Communication’. 13th Aug 2000.
*– ‘A celebration of art works’. 10th Sep 2000.
*– ‘Rural Strokes’. 1st Oct 2000.

*-TVNZ-Documentary, Neighbourhood, NZ, 2014.
*– ETV- Interview, Telecasted Nation wide, India, Sep 2002.
* – Eri TV Interview, Telecasted Nation wide, Eritrea, Africa, 2003.
* – Radio Interview, Telecasted Nation wide, Eritrea, Africa, 2004.
* - Radio One FM, Dunedin, NZ, April 2007।
*CS Arts Magazine, Dunedin, NZ, June 2008-Issue 30.

* ‘Exhibition with a difference’, - The Times of India, by Sandya Bordweker.
March 1996
*AP Times, India, by C Sharada. 28th June, 1996.
* ‘Art to Floor you’,– Newstime, India, by Atiya Amjad. 28th June 1996.
* ‘Art Lines in time’– Mid Day Magazine, India, by Alpana Lath. 25th Jan 1997.
* ‘Form and Space’ – A P Times, India, – ICCR. 5th Nov 1997.
* ‘A Unique Attempt at Installation’– Deccan Chronical, India, by Atiya Amjed.
7th Nov 1997.
* ‘Aethetic Statements’, – Deccan Chronical, India, by Arati. 2nd Feb 1998.
* ‘Objects of Endearment’, – News Time, India, by J S Rao27th March 1998.
* ‘Concern for Polythene’– Newstimes, India, by Joel Kumar. 15th Oct 1999.
* ‘Installing a rare art’, – Express Week, India, by MK 23rd Oct 1999.
* ‘No Plastic show this’ – The Hindu, India, by Pratima Sagar. 22nd Oct 1999.
* ‘Social Statement’, – Newstime, India, by Radhika Rajamani. 5th Nov 1999 .
* ‘Plastic Values’- Art India Magazine, Vol – V issue 1, by Sarada Natarajan, Mar 2000.
* ‘Abstract Expressions’, –Deccan Chronicle, India, by Atiya Amjad, 9th April 2000.
* ‘Egg of Life’, – The Hindu, India, by Atiya Amjad29th Aug 2002
* ‘Contours of Form and Space,' – The Hindu, India by Deepa Alexander, 1st Nov 2004.
* ‘A Question on Life’ - The New Indian Express by Kala K. 25th Oct 2004.
* "Ashes" (
ITV Gold in USA has covered Tamarind Art and it's latest exhibition: Maps, Metaphors and Mythologies on Saturday Dec. 22nd at 6:30pm and Sunday, Dec. 23rd at 10:30am and those being prime dates and times. The channels associated with them are 77, Time Warner, 253 or 263 digital channels and 244 on Cable Vision.
(page 6-7).

Tamarind Art Museum, New York.
Saachi online Art Gallery, UK.

1996 - M.F.A. Art Criticism. Maharaja Sayajirao University, India.
1994 – B.F.A. Painting, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India.

2017-  P G in Digital and Collaborative Learning, UNITEC, NZ
2010-P G Teaching-Secondary Education, Otago University, NZ.
2008- GCTLT- Graduate Certificate in Tertairy Teaching and Learning, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, NZ.
1996 -Lectureship in Art History, NET, University Grants Commission, Govt. of India.
1993 –Govt. Primary Technical Teacher Training Certificate in Drawing, India.

2021- Current, Rototuna Senior High School, Hamilton, NZ.
2020-Marlborough Girls College, Blenheim, NZ.
2011-2019-Marlborough Boys College, Blenheim,NewZealand.
2006- 2009 -Lecturer, Dept. of Painting/Drawing, School of Art, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, NZ.
2004-2006-Panel Member, Curriculum Development, Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
2002-2004-Art Instructor, Dept. of Fine Arts, Asmara Teacher Education Institute, Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
2000-2002-Lecturer, Asmara School of Fine Arts, Dept. of Painting and Art History, Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
1997-2000-Lecturer, School of Fine Arts, P.S. T University, India.
1996-98-Instructor, Visiting Faculty, Zed Institute of Creative Arts (Animation Institute), India.
1998-2000-Honorary Director, (Education) The Fine Arts and Design Institute, Kanthi Education Centre, Hyderabad, India.
1998-2000-Instructor, Visiting Faculty, Interiors and Exteriors Design Institute, India.
1991-1994-Art and Craft Teacher, CHEREC Summer school program, India.

Artistic/Freelanc Experiences:
Front Web Page for Otago University, Dept of Languages -2008
Designed and executed murals with various mediums in public places in India.
Worked as Artist/Visualiser for COMPASS India Pvt Company.
Consultant/Package Designer, Lotus Chocolate Company, India.
Illustrator, Arkbird Publications, India.
Instructor, Volunteer Faculty, Mai Tesfai, Ceramic school, Asmara, Eritrea.

2003-'05- Panel Member, National Visual Arts Education Curriculum Development, Dept. of General Education. Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
2001- Designed Syllabus for Diploma in Fine Arts, Asmara School of Fine
Arts, Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
1998- 2000- Organised State level Artist camp, Fine Art Curriculum Panel Member, Dessertation/Thesis Guide for fourth year Fine Arts (BFA),
Painting and Sculpture Students, P.S.T University, A.P, India
1999- Designed and established Fine Arts and Design Institute, India.

2014- Artist Models in NZ Visual Arts Curriculum. ANZAAE.

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