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BORN: India.

Blenheim, New Zealand.
Solo show
2013-'Erased' Installation Art, Refinery Art Space, Nelson, NZ.
2009- 'De-mark' installation show, M S University Gallery, India.
2009- "Topography of Genesis" Paintings, Gallery on Blueskin Bay, Dunedin, Aotearoa, NZ.
2007 - "How I met my soul" Installation, Tamarind Art Gallery, New York.
2007 - Polyfarming-2007, Dunedin Reserve park, Dunedin, New Zealand.
2007 - "India-Africa to Aotearoa" Marks Series, Peter Rae Gallery, Partially supported by Otago Polytechnic Research Dept. Dunedin, New Zealand.
2006 – ‘We-Us-Our’, Installation Marks, Fringe Festival Participation, Westpac Fishbowl Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand.
2005 -‘Marks’ , Painting/Installation/performance show, Sponsored by Alliance Franciase De Eritrea, French Cultural Centre, The Gallery, Eritrea, N E Africa.
2003 - Paintings and Drawings, Eritrea, N.E.Africa.
2002 - 'Eggxhibition,' Meenaz Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India.
2002 - 'Eggxhibition,'Casa Degli Italia, Supported by Hon. Minister of Education, Eritrea, NE Africa.
1999 - 'Poly Farming', Environmental Art, Gundipet, Sponsored by Alliance Franciase De Hyderabad, French Cultural Center, India.
1999 - 'Looking from Within,' Installation, Supported by Alliance Franciase De Hyderabad, French Cultural Centre, India.
1996 -'My Mind's W- a-n -k , Installation, Curatorial Project, Dept. of Art History and Aesthetics, M.S.University, Baroda, India.
1995 - Installation, "The Cataleptic Break through," M.S.University, Baroda, India.

Group Exhibitions/Participation's

2017- 'Discord', Detour Art Gallery, Blenheim, NZ.
2013- Group Show, Wearable Art Museum, Nelson, NZ.
2010- AIR-show, Jokai Klub, Budapest, Hungary.
2009- ‘Art Works-mahi toi’, Temple Gallery, Dunedin, NZ.
2008- "Art of Theology", Salisbury Art Gallery, Dunedin, NZ.
2007 - "Maps-Metaphors and Mythology", Installation, Curated by Deepanjana Danda Klien, Tamarind Art Gallery, New York.
2006- ‘Pravas Bharathi Diwas Art Show’, NRI Artists Show, Govt. of India, Curated by Atiya Ahmjed, Art Critic, Shilparamam, Hyderabad, India.
2004- ‘Marks”, Painting/Installation, Daira , India.
2002- ‘International Photo Exhibition’, Italian Embassy, Eritrea, NE Africa.
2001 -’Stimulus’ Daira , India.
2000 -Affordable Art- India.
2000 -Mosaic- India.
2000 - Roop Rekha, Daira Gallery, Curated by Atiya Ahmjed, Art Critic, India.
1999 -Sketches and Maquettes , Alliance Franciase De Hyderabad and Goa, Curated by Atiya Ahmjed, Art Critic, India.
1999 -Contemporary Deccan, Curated by Surya Prakash, CCMB, India.
1998 -Objects in Art, Curated by Atiya Ahmjed, Art Critic, Holiday Inn Krishna, India.
1997 -Form and Space, Installation, Indian Centre for Culture and Research, Govt. of India.
1997- Sculpture Installation, All India Fine Arts Cultural Society, India.
1997 -Assemblage, "Homage to Martyrs," 50 years of Indian Independence Celebration, Selected Indian Artist show, Lakeeren, Mumbai, India.
1996 – ‘Altered Space’, Alliance Franciase De Hyderabad, French Cultural Centre, India.
1995 - Mixed Medium, Shristi Art Gallery, India.
1993 -Drawings, Paintings and Prints, Site Show, J.N.T.U Art Gallery, India.
1990 -Drawing and Painting, Sponsored by the College of Fine Arts, J N T University, Ashoka Gallery, India.


2016- 'Interface', Daira Art Gallery, Hyderabad. India.
2014- 'Kiwindian', CBD, Public Art, Blenheim, NZ. 
2012-'Devolution#5'-The Being, Blenheim to Auckland Public Art Gallery by Air New Zealand.
2011-'Devolution#4' STOP! THINK!, Millennium Art Gallery, Blenheim, New Zealand.
2009- 'Devolution#1' Live Art, M S University Campus, India.
2009- Painting Event, Integrating Live music and Painting, Otago Museum, Dunedin, NZ.
2009- "Thus I Spoke Silence" Blue Oyster Contemporary Art Space, Dunedin, NZ.
2009- Devolution#1- Re-Visiting "Primitivism”, public project, Dunedin City and talk at Blueoyster Contemporary Art Space, New Zealand.
2006 – ‘We-Us-Our’, Marks, Fringe Festival Participation, Westpac Fishbowl Gallery, Dunedin, NZ.
2005- ‘ ‘Marks’, Sponsored by French Cultural Centre, The Gallery, Eritrea.
2004- ‘Perfection”, Daira, India.
2003- ‘Improvisation-III’, Interpretation of Social Phenomena’, Sponsored by American and British Embassies Cultural Centre, Eritrea.
1999 –2001 - Interpretation of Social Phenomenon-Dilemma 2000+,' AF De Hyderabad, Baroda, India.
1995 - 'Thus I was Born,' first undocumented experimental performance, M .S. University, India.

2009- "Roots-Encountering Boundaries" - Asians Localising Aotearoa NewZealand, Otago University and Asia-NZ Foundation, Dunedin, NZ.
2008- Artist Symposium, Crystles Seed Trust, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ
2005- International Artist’s Camp, Massawa, Eritrea.
2000- ‘Sail we Do’, National Artists Camp, India.
1998 - 'Art Through the Ages', Seminar, India.
1998 - 'Objects in Art', Seminar Paper, Holiday Inn Krishna, India.
1998 - 'Another Kind of Art', Seminar Paper, P S T University, India.
1997 - 'Concept Art and Vivan's Installation', India.
1997 -Young Artist Painting Camp, Indian Art Critics Seminar, India.
1994 -Traditional Artist Camp, Tirupati, South Zone Cultural Centre, Govt. of India.
1992 -Graphics Workshop, International Artist Camp, French Cultural Centre, Hyderabad, India.
1992 -Young Artists Camp, S V College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad, India.

Sep-Dec 2007-Invited artist in Residence at The Henry Luce III Center for Arts and Religion, Washington, DC.
2007- Tamarind Art Museum, New York.
2009- M S University, Baroda, India.
Dec 2009- PFA, France.
Jan 2010-. Hungary Multicultural Art Centre, Budapest.

1994 -University Gold Medal in Painting, J N T University, India.
1994-96 - Merit Scholarship, P.S. T University, India.
1992-94 - Merit Scholarship, JNTU, India.

2017 - Jury, Marlborough Art Scociety, Bleneim, NZ.
2005- Honorable advisor, The Gallery, Eritrea.
2004- Honorary Jury, National Students Art Competition, British Council, Asmara.
2003/4- Honorary Jury, National Level Children Art Competitions, Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
2003-Honarary Jury, India-Ethiopia-Eritrean International children Art Competition.

Personal Narrative:Roots-encountering new boundaries from a visual artist's perception,Localizing Asia in Aotearoa, Edited by Paola Vociand Jaqueline Leckie, Dunmore Publishing, NewZealand. 2011

Lines that Float: Artist Exhibition Responses, SCOPE Contemporary Research Topics, Otago Polytechnic Dunedin, NZ, art : 2 Nov 2007.
Shifts in Medium: Trends, tendencies and breakthroughs, MARG, Publication, India, Oct 2002.
News magazines. Art Critic, Deccan Chronical news magazine, India. (1998 -2000).
Poem "SOUL", IMMORTAL VERSES Volume, The International Library of Poetry, USA, 2006.

Catalogues/essays:*Feb 1996 – ‘My Minds Wank’, Curatorial essay, India.
*June 1996 –‘Back in home Land’ Group Show Exhibition essay, Alliance
Francaise De Hyderabad, India.
*Feb 1997 – Anjani Reddy, Catalogue essay, India.
*Oct 1999 – Installation Art, Sudhir K Duppati, Exhibition essay, Alliance
Francaise De Hyderabad, India.
*Nov 1999 – ‘Interpretation of Social Phenomenon, Dilemma 2000+’,
Performance essay, India and Africa.
*May 2002 –‘ Eggxhibits’, Sudhir K Duppati, Exhibtion essay Catalogue, Casa
Degli Italia, Eritrea, Africa.
*Aug 1999 – ‘On Interpretation’ Curatorial essay for group show at Jehangir Art
Gallery, India.

News magazines:*Oct 1997 – ‘Understanding Installations’, AP Times Heritage Magazine, India.
*Nov 1997 – ‘Mediumistic Shifts’, AP Times Heritage Magazine, India.
Deccan Chronicle, Exhibition review, India:
*– ‘Transcending visions of an artist’. 15th Aug 1999.
*– ‘When Art speaks more than words’. 3rd Sep 1999.
*– ‘Stories told on a canvas’. 19th Sep 1999.
*– ‘Energy on Display’. 23rd Jan 2000.
*– ‘An Artist’s visual diary’. 19th March 2000.
*– ‘Deft masterly strokes in ply’. 16th April 2000.
*– ‘Art created from lines and strokes’. 7th May 2000.
*– ‘Artist duo ignore art revolution’. 25th June 2000.
*– ‘Hidden messages from behind the lens’. 2nd July 2000.
*– ‘Graphic Expressions’. 23rd July 2000.
*– ‘Defining spaces for communication’. 30th July 2000.
*– ‘Decades of silence in water colours’. 6th Aug 2000.
*– ‘Futile Exercises in Communication’. 13th Aug 2000.
*– ‘A celebration of art works’. 10th Sep 2000.
*– ‘Rural Strokes’. 1st Oct 2000.

*– ETV- Interview, Telecasted Nation wide, India, Sep 2002.
* – Eri TV Interview, Telecasted Nation wide, Eritrea, Africa, 2003.
* – Radio Interview, Telecasted Nation wide, Eritrea, Africa, 2004.
* - Radio One FM, Dunedin, NZ, April 2007।
*CS Arts Magazine, Dunedin, NZ, June 2008-Issue 30.

* ‘Exhibition with a difference’, - The Times of India, by Sandya Bordweker.
March 1996
*AP Times, India, by C Sharada. 28th June, 1996.
* ‘Art to Floor you’,– Newstime, India, by Atiya Amjad. 28th June 1996.
* ‘Art Lines in time’– Mid Day Magazine, India, by Alpana Lath. 25th Jan 1997.
* ‘Form and Space’ – A P Times, India, – ICCR. 5th Nov 1997.
* ‘A Unique Attempt at Installation’– Deccan Chronical, India, by Atiya Amjed.
7th Nov 1997.
* ‘Aethetic Statements’, – Deccan Chronical, India, by Arati. 2nd Feb 1998.
* ‘Objects of Endearment’, – News Time, India, by J S Rao27th March 1998.
* ‘Concern for Polythene’– Newstimes, India, by Joel Kumar. 15th Oct 1999.
* ‘Installing a rare art’, – Express Week, India, by MK 23rd Oct 1999.
* ‘No Plastic show this’ – The Hindu, India, by Pratima Sagar. 22nd Oct 1999.
* ‘Social Statement’, – Newstime, India, by Radhika Rajamani. 5th Nov 1999 .
* ‘Plastic Values’- Art India Magazine, Vol – V issue 1, by Sarada Natarajan, Mar 2000.
* ‘Abstract Expressions’, –Deccan Chronicle, India, by Atiya Amjad, 9th April 2000.
* ‘Egg of Life’, – The Hindu, India, by Atiya Amjad29th Aug 2002
* ‘Contours of Form and Space,' – The Hindu, India by Deepa Alexander, 1st Nov 2004.
* ‘A Question on Life’ - The New Indian Express by Kala K. 25th Oct 2004.
* "Ashes" (
ITV Gold in USA has covered Tamarind Art and it's latest exhibition: Maps, Metaphors and Mythologies on Saturday Dec. 22nd at 6:30pm and Sunday, Dec. 23rd at 10:30am and those being prime dates and times. The channels associated with them are 77, Time Warner, 253 or 263 digital channels and 244 on Cable Vision.
(page 6-7).

Tamarind Art Museum, New York.
Saachi online Art Gallery, UK.

1996 - M.F.A. Art Criticism. Maharaja Sayajirao University, India.
1994 – B.F.A. Painting, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India.

2010-P G Teaching-Secondary Education, Otago University, NZ.
2008- GCTLT- Graduate Certificate in Tertairy Teaching and Learning, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, NZ.
1996 -Lectureship in Art History, NET, University Grants Commission, Govt. of India.
1993 –Govt. Primary Technical Teacher Training Certificate in Drawing, India.

2011- Current Marlborough Boys College, Blenheim,NewZealand.
2006- 2009
Lecturer, Dept. of Painting/Drawing, School of Art, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, NZ.
Panel Member, Curriculum Development, Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
Art Instructor, Dept. of Fine Arts, Asmara Teacher Education Institute, Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
Art Instructor, Asmara School of Fine Arts, Dept. of Painting and Art History, Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
Lecturer, School of Fine Arts, P.S. T University, India.
Instructor, Visiting Faculty, Zed Institute of Creative Arts (Animation Institute), India.
Honorary Director, (Education) The Fine Arts and Design Institute, Kanthi Education Centre, Hyderabad, India.
Instructor, Visiting Faculty, Interiors and Exteriors Design Institute, India.
Art and Craft Teacher, CHEREC Summer school program, India.

Artistic/Freelanc Experiences:
Front Web Page for Otago University, Dept of Languages -2008
Designed and executed murals with various mediums in public places in India.
Worked as Artist/Visualiser for COMPASS India Pvt Company.
Consultant/Package Designer, Lotus Chocolate Company, India.
Illustrator, Arkbird Publications, India.
Instructor, Volunteer Faculty, Mai Tesfai, Ceramic school, Asmara, Eritrea.

2003-'05- Panel Member, National Visual Arts Education Curriculum Development, Dept. of General Education. Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
2001- Designed Syllabus for Diploma in Fine Arts, Asmara School of Fine
Arts, Ministry of Education, Eritrea.
1998- 2000- Organised State level Artist camp, Fine Art Curriculum Panel Member, Dessertation/Thesis Guide for fourth year Fine Arts (BFA),
Painting and Sculpture Students, P.S.T University, A.P, India
1999- Designed and established Fine Arts and Design Institute, India.

2014- Artist Models in NZ Visual Arts Curriculum. ANZAAE.

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